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My Success Story

In the fall of 2005, I was in a really bad car wreck. The results from the wreck were: two fractured vertebrae, a back brace for at least six months, an extensive amount of pain and discomfort, and no extracurricular activities. My specialist told me that because of my fracture I would in pain, here and there, for the rest of my life. I thought to myself I can handle that. As long as he tells me I can ride, I'll be okay. Then, he broke out the really bad news. He told me that there was a good chance I would not be able to ride my horses ever again. My whole world stopped in the middle of rotation, and I had to make him tell me again. I felt like a pieceof me died right then. Eventually though, I was able to build up my stregnth and "easy ride" once or twice a week for about 20 minutes at a time. Anymore than that would cause me extreme pain. I went on like this for 4 years until a friend of mine told me I needed to get some relief. I started browsing the internet and came across Dr. Bontrager's. So, I called them up and made an appointment.  I was in pretty bad shape when I first started, but with the treatments and a little time, I am now sitting or standing for longer periods of time without pain, I can bend and twist with more ease, and most important to me, I am back riding my horses without pain. Dr. Bontrager has been such a great help in getting a running jump on my healing process.




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