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What MD.'s are Saying About Chiropractic

What MD.'s are Saying About Chiropractic

Many members of the medical profession have made honest, open-minded investigations of chiropractic. Reprinted here are some of their views and comments...

Ill's Traced to Vertebrae

"It may never occur to them (his medical colleagues) that the headaches, stomach trouble, neuritis, or nervous irritability they are attempting to cure may be due to nothing more serious than a displaced vertebra, which any competent chiropractor can restore in ten seconds." - Herman Rubin, M.D., Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, in Eugenics.

Chiropractic Adjustment Works

(Referring to severe headaches during and after specific movements of the Head)"...a chiropractic adjustment will work on the cervical region. We find in the case of the hypertension a drop from 25 to 30 mm right after the adjustment is given." - K. Gutzeit, M.D., in The Spine as Causative Factor of Disease.

Perform Miraculous Cures

"From personal experience alone, I am of the opinion that many patients suffer from some type of dislocation on the vertebral structures...there is no doubt that the consciousness of the orthopedic surgeon was aroused originally by the success of the bone-setters, the early manipulators, and more recently the chiropractors...the latter group has undoubtedly performed their miraculous cures in individuals who have been misdiagnosed and mistreated by the practitioner or internist." - Dr. Harold T. Hyman, professor, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, in American Journal of Medical Science

Patients Find Relief

"It is quite easy to replace the vertebrae with a moderate amount of manipulation and...many patients find relief in the hands of chiropractors" - James Brailsford, M.D. In British Journal of Surgery, "Deformation of the Lumbosacral Region of the Spine"

Chiropractic on Right Track

"You chiropractors are on the right track!" - George W. Crane, M.D.


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