DOT certification

As of May 12, 2014, CDL or DOT physicals can only be done by providers who have completed training and testing to be a Certified Medical Examiner. New rules are stricter and exams will be more intensive than in the past, so prepare to undress for your exam and for more questioning. Certified Medical Examiners are responsible for determining medical fitness for duty, not diagnosing and treating medical conditions. National criteria are in place for who can and cannot drive. If you are disqualified at one facility for a CDL physical, you will not be able to go elsewhere and become certified. If you have ANY health conditions, take any daily medications, have been in the hospital or ER over the last year, have had surgery in the last 5 years, wear glasses or contacts or use a hearing aid(s), please print out the appropriate forms before you visit AND the DOT checklist. For some conditions, you will need to print additional forms and have those completed prior to your visit.

Click here for the CDL physical form. Print and complete page one prior to your exam.

DOT Checklist:  Print this checklist off and bring with you to your DOT physical. Complete requirements prior to your visit if you wear glasses or contacts, hearing aid(s), take any medication or have any chronic health conditions.

If you have a history of MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION, HEART ATTACKPACEMAKER, STENTS, ANGINA, CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE, IRREGULAR HEART RHYTHM, ANEURYSM, or other HEART DISEASE print this DOT Cardiology form prior to your visit and have your cardiologist complete and supply any requested information or test results.  If you have had an EKG within the last two years, bring a copy of that to your visit. You may need an EKG at the time of your visit; the charge for this is not included in the DOT physical charge.

If you have INSULIN TREATED DIABETES print this DOT Diabetes form and have it completed by the physician who manages your diabetes prior to your visit. We will need a copy of your blood sugar log and your most recent (within 6 months) hemoglobin A1C value.   You may need a blood sugar at the time of your visit; the charge for this is not included in your DOT physical charge.

If you have a history of STROKE, TIA, SEIZURE, or TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY print this DOT Neurology form and have it completed by your neurologist. Bring any additional requested information to your appointment.

If you have SLEEP APNEA: bring a letter from the physician managing this condition that your condition is stable and does not pose any risk to driving. This must include the date of your last visit and must be current within one year. If you are on CPAP, you must bring in a current use log. You can have the company that manages your CPAP machine prepare this log for you. If you had surgery for correction of sleep apnea, you must bring a letter from the surgeon noting the condition is resolved. This should include the date you were last seen by them and your weight at that visit.

*Please note, this list covers only the most common health conditions. If you have other health problems or recent surgery, you may need to provide additional information. You may call us prior to your visit to see what documentation you will need to have completed prior to your visit. Failure to provide necessary documentation may mean we are not able to certify you for driving at the time you are seen. You may be asked to return at a later date at an additional charge to you. If you fail to pass your exam due to misrepresentation or a disqualifying medical condition, you will still be responsible for paying for your DOT physical.