If you have a suspicion that your chronic back pain is being caused by a disc injury or you have received a diagnosis that you have this condition, you will benefit from chiropractic care at Marianna Health and Wellness.  Whether the pain is mild or severe, it is important to deal with it promptly so that the issue does not progress and cause more permanent damage.  The little pads that lie between your vertebrae are called the intervertebral discs.  Each of these discs has a tough outer ring and a soft gel-like center.  Your discs’ job is to both join and to separate your vertebrae from one another.  These discs act as cushions, or shock absorbers, so that the bones don’t make contact with each other as you move around.  Without the discs, you would be unable to move your upper torso.  Here are a few of the different kinds of disc injuries that make movements of the upper torso painful and difficult:

  • A protruding disc occurs when the disc becomes asymmetrical, and the gel is pushed out or bulging.
  • A herniated disc is when the disc material has ruptured to the point that the get pushes outward.
  • A disc extrusion is the worst type of disc injury and is when the gel balloons extensively into the area outside the vertebrae or breaks off from the disc.

All of these issues tend to result in considerable back pain, numbness, and limitation in range of motion due to the irritation of the nerve roots at the point where the injury occurs and the impact this has on the surrounding tissues. Our team is experienced in diagnosing your disc problem. We treat patients here, and we refer patients in need of surgery to the best neurosurgeons in our area. Adjustments are safe before and after surgery, and we will see you through to an improved quality of life.